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Welcome to BizPricer® Business Valuation Software ver. 4.1, our latest version for 2018. With our software you will be able to find the fair-market value of an existing business easily, quickly, privately, securely, inexpensively and, of course, accurately.

BizPricer® is specifically designed by a business appraiser to be easily used by business buyers, sellers and intermediaries who want to determine the accurate fair-market value of a small to medium-sized business but don't want to get bogged down in valuation theory and complicated mathematics.

BizPricer® is based on accepted U.S. professional appraisal practices, used in thousands of business valuations, and validated by transaction data from real-world business sale results. BizPricer 4.1 also complies with the definitive appraisal guidelines of IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60 so you know you are getting a legitimate valuation process.

"This is the very best business valuation software I've found anywhere! I strongly recommend it to all of my listeners and clients." Jim Blasingame, SBA award-winning host of the nationally syndicated "The Small Business Advocate" radio program and a widely recognized expert business advisor.

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Important Note: BizPricer® is an installable computer application, just like Microsoft Word® or Excel®. It's NOT a program based in "The Cloud" as some competitors offer. Do you really want to trust your private business data to a cloud-based data base? We certainly don't. Your data in BizPricer is as safe as the security systems on your own computer where your data is already stored. No "storm clouds" to worry about with BizPricer! Also...

The BizPricer® software is validated and security tested. BizPricer® has been issued a formal Code Signing Certificate to ensure your peace of mind in downloading a virus-free application.

Business Owners! Do you know what your business is really worth? Whether you are considering selling, seeking expansion financing, looking for a partner or investors, planning for retirement or just want to know your business value, here’s an easy to use do-it-yourself valuation software program.

Business Buyers! Do you know what the business that you are considering buying is really worth? Don’t just take the business owner’s or a broker’s valuation. Find out independently for yourself! Quickly and easily find the fair-market value before you make an expensive commitment. Use your BizPricer valuation results in the negotiation process.

If you can enter numbers into a table and answer a few questions about the operation of the business you can successfully determine the valuation of almost any business.

BizPricer® is a user-friendly and inexpensive resource for prospective business buyers and sellers, business brokers, accountants and attorneys who need to know the fair-market value of a business. No complicated academic theory to wade through. Just a logical process of entering business data that anyone can successfully do. BizPricer takes care of all of the calculations for you.

From a satisfied customer:

I just want to thank you for producing and selling BizPricer. I own and operate a small business.  Some time ago I needed to value my business and was shocked to be quoted rates of $5,000 and up by the 'professional' analysts. I decided to see if I could do it myself. 

I searched the web and quickly found BizPricer! I figured I would give it a try. Was I surprised when I opened the software and started to follow your well done detailed instructions ! The first day I analyzed our previous 3 years' profit and loss statements, prepared the adjustments, and on the following day just breezed through the rest of BIzPricer. You put at my fingertips all the tools I needed. Your cash flow approach and capitalization rate are realistic and sensible. All this for such a reasonable price! 
Edward W. – Alpharetta , Georgia

No financial expertise or specialized knowledge is needed. Thousands of copies of BizPricer are now in use in the U.S. and many foreign countries by people just like yourself.

We all know that "a picture is worth a thousand words," so please take a look at our extensive BizPricer Features Demo including examples of completed Valuation Reports.

BizPricer® will accurately calculate the fair market value of any type of business that has three or more years of income and expense data. You can even use BizPricer to estimate the business's potential value using your projections if you have less than three years of data. This unique BizPricer program uses a proprietary Income and Expense Reconstruction process (with plenty of examples and guidance) to determine the real available cash flow for a new owner - an important factor in an accurate valuation calculation.

A proprietary Risk Factor Analysis then uses a multi-item questionnaire format which is automatically customized based on your numerical rating inputs to determine a multiplier (also known as a capitalization rate) which is used in the fair-market valuation of the particular business under consideration - a key factor in an accurate valuation calculation.

You will quickly, accurately and easily determine the fair-market valuation of any business from Automotive to Zoos plus everything in between (retail, wholesale, manufacturing, service, restaurants of all kinds, construction, distributors, franchises, transportation, lodging, health care, professional, telecommunications, Internet, entertainment, etc.). BizPricer will not be suitable for valuing medical, dental or legal practices.

Two separate versions for the price of one:

BizPricer 4 is available to you in two different versions: as a Microsoft Excel-based program (the BizPricer4.0-E) or as an installable Wizard-type application (the BizPricer4.1-W) which is fully functional on a PC without any additional software requirements. You will receive BOTH versions for immediate download AND a backup CD will be shipped directly to you.

BizPricer4-E uses the Microsoft Excel™ and Microsoft Word™ programs which you will need to have already installed on your computer. BizPricerE comes on a CD and is fully downloadable. Use BizPricerE if you are familiar with the basic use of Excel and you want the extensive additional capabilities associated with the Microsoft Excel program, such as chart and graph creation. A knowledge of Excel is not needed to use the BizPricerE - a Manual on the CD will guide you through the steps. The program will create as many business valuations as you want and can even be used to develop pro-forma projections based on estimated performance in future years. BizPricerE works with both PC's and Mac's.

BizPricer4-W is a stand-alone software application that you install on your PC computer (sorry, it's not Macintosh compatible). BizPricerW™ uses a very user-friendly Wizard format where you enter data on a series of screens, as you progress through the valuation. This is an excellent option for users who don't have Excel or just prefer the ease of using a Wizard program which walks you through the process step-by-step. There is no User Manual needed with this version - perfect for those of you who don't want to read a Manual before starting. Each of the data/text entry screens come with their own Read Me First and Help information screens and lots of examples. The information you need is right on the screen you are using at that time. We call this our "Just- in-Time Information" system.The program will create as many business valuations as you want and can even be used to develop pro-forma projections based on estimated performance in future years.

Which version is best for my needs? Click here to see a detailed side-by-side operability comparison chart of both versions. But don't forget, you don't need to choose now. You will receive BOTH versions as part of your purchase!

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BizPricer offers an Impressive Set of Capabilities and Features:

BizPricer will:

  • Determine the actual and projected available cash flow for the business for 3 or 5 years.
  • Calculate the risk-factor multiplier used in determining the business value.
  • Factor-in the current assets and adjust for the liabilities to be assumed.
  • Determine the Goodwill and intangible asset value.
  • Calculate the overall business value including all assets and liabilities.
  • Calculate a buyer's cash requirements.
  • Calculate a buyer's return on investment (ROI).
  • Calculate a buyer's financing requirements (with a mortgage calculator for "what if" analysis).
  • Calculate a sellers cash-out, sale financing implications and tax consequences. (with a mortgage calculator for "what if" analysis).

BizPricer will create:

  • Reconstructed Income and Expense Statements
  • Available Cash Flow Projections
  • Continued Operations Risk Assessments and a Calculated Valuation Multiplier
  • A Capitalized Valuation Estimate (the fair-market value)
  • A Business Valuation and Letter Report (approximately 15 pages)
  • A Business Valuation and Sale Prospectus Report (approximately 40 pages)
  • BizPricer will create as many business valuations as you want. You will not be limited in the number of valuations created. This is great for individuals doing multiple what-if analyses and for appraisers/CPAs/Business BrokersProfessional Appraisers/Attorneys who may use BizPricer as a tool with their business services.

BizPricer will save and send:

  • Your completed valuations in BizPricer format to any PC with BizPricer 4.0 installed (your office, home and laptop PC's, for example) so they can be worked on wherever you are.
  • Save and send your BizPricer Valuation Reports in Microsoft Word format via email to whoever you want to review them.
  • Save your completed valuations and Business Valuation Reports to your computer's hard drive and/or CD to ensure you have a complete backup of your work.

Information contained in the Valuation Reports:

  • All financial data sheets (Income and Expense Reconstruction, Multiplier Calculation, Valuation Calculation, Valuation Calculation Summary and Goodwill, Buyer Deal Analysis sheets, Seller Deal Analysis sheets), a Cover and Preface.

  • Additionally, a Formal Business Valuation and Sale Prospectus Report will include all of the above plus a Certification page and sections covering: Business History, Ownership and Control, Nature of the Business, Principal Customers, Primary Suppliers, Key Employee Personnel, Company Facilities, Property and Location, Reason for the Sale, Pending Litigation, Financial History, Reconstructed Income and Expenses, Valuation Opinion and Analysis, Supporting Data and Documentation.

Save Thousands of Dollars in Professional Fees!

Save thousands of dollars over hiring an appraiser to provide you with a similar result. This is exactly the same process used by the software author/appraiser in his $1,500 business valuation assignments. You can use the software over and over again for a "what-if" analysis. BizPricer uses the same valuation methods (Capitalization of Excess Earnings and Multiple of Discretionary Earnings) used by the author (and many other appraisers) in thousands of business valuations and verified against actual transaction data and real-world results. BizPricer® even calculates the Goodwill value in the business!

BizPricer is already in use by hundreds of CPAs/Business Brokers/Professional Appraisers/Attorneys and other professionals who use BizPricer as a tool to augment their fee-based business services.

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Don't Overpay for an Over-Priced Business!

Business Buyers: Don't overpay for an over-priced business! Estimate a solid fair-market value for the business you're considering buying. Experience shows that many businesses are overpriced by at least 50% if the seller or business broker has set the price without a proper appraisal. Use the BizPricer
results in your negotiations to establish a fair price for the business.

Don't Under-Price the Real Value of Your Business

Business Owners: What's your business really worth? Don't leave money on the table during negotiations if you are planning to sell your business! Find out now what your business might sell for in a fair-market transaction. Learn what to do to maximize the selling price. Do a "what if" analysis to see what expenses need to be cut to greatly increase the business value and by how much. Use BizPricer as a planning tool to unlock the hidden value in your business and maximize the selling price.

Even if you are not planning to sell your business anytime soon, you should know your business's value for planning purposes (future financing, estate planning, possible divorce, having a yard-stick to measure your business against each year, etc.).

Quickly and Accurately Determine the Selling Price of any Business

Business Brokers, Real Estate Agents and Accountants: Forget trying to figure out the fair-market value of a business on the back of an envelope using some "rule of thumb" or by using expensive complicated procedures that calculate dozens of different values using several different methods that have little relationship to the real world. Calculate a fair-market business valuation that makes sense for both buyers and sellers. Don't waste your time trying to market an overpriced business that won't stand up to the negotiation process.

A message from the Author

I've created BizPricer® to be an easy to use tool for business buyers and sellers to quickly determine the fair-market value of a business. No need to know financial analysis or confusing valuation theory! I've used the most commonly used and accepted methods of valuing a business and eliminated all of the many other complicated methods that lead to essentially the same conclusion. I've kept the process as simple as possible without losing the ability to calculate a very accurate estimate of what the business will sell for. If you can enter numbers into an on-screen table, then you can use BizPricer! And, I’ve kept the price low enough so that you can't afford to be without it.

Russell L. Brown, MBA/Author/Business Appraiser

Unsolicited Comments From Actual Users

Paul W. from Lexington, Kentucky said: "This is great stuff! I bought BizPricer to compare against the valuation of a business appraiser I'd hired. The result was within 5% of what I paid several thousand dollars for and it took me less than two hours!

Les B. from Paso Robles, California said: "Thanks for the quick service. We have already put the software to good use. It's a great product and a great value!

Barry S. from Warwick, New York says: "Just received BizPricer and worked up my first valuation. Kudos to the chef. It's easy to use and provides a clear and accurate presentation of a business' valuation."

Jim Rather from Fairmont, Minnesota said: What a terrific program! I completed the valuation the same day I received BizPricer. Thanks for your quick follow-up to my question. I’m very pleased with the purchase and congratulate you on an excellent product. I would recommend this software to anyone wishing to sell or purchase a business.

Or, take a look
"under the hood" >>

BizPricer Customer Support

We understand that every business situation is unique, so....BizPricer® includes a free, quick-response email hotline for questions software users may have. You'll never be alone. Answers to your questions will be only a mouse-click away.

Privacy Policy

We fully understand and strongly support your right to privacy. We will never disclose your name, address, telephone/fax numbers, E-mail address, credit card information or any other personal information you provide to us as part of your purchase transaction. If we need to return your telephone call or contact you in regards to your purchase we will be completely discrete and not divulge the nature of our communication to any unauthorized person. All of our products are shipped in packages without advertising logos of any kind that could disclose the nature of your interest in our products. More about our Privacy Policy:

BizPricer Guarantee

We offer a guarantee of satisfaction for all of our products. RDS Associates, Inc. is a long-time member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and participates in the BBB OnLine Reliability Program. We take great pride in being a winner of the Better Business Bureau's annual Best in Website Ethics Award.

Technical Requirements

BizPricerE is PC or MAC compatible. The user must have Microsoft Excel™ software (any version) available on their computer. Knowledge of how to use Excel is not required. BizPricerE takes less than a minute to download no matter what Internet connection you have.

BizPricerW is PC compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 versions (not MAC). The program is approximately 5 MBytes and takes less than a minute to download if you are using a high-speed broadband connection (e.g. DSL, Satellite, or Cable Modem). Somewhat longer for dial-up connections. .

BizPricer is NOT configured to work on mobile devices.

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive BOTH versions of BizPricer (BizPricerW and BizPricerE) with your purchase. You may use either or both but data is not transferable beyween the different programs.


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BizPricer® 4.1 Business Valuation Software (Latest 2018 Version)

Receive the CD, AND download immediately. .
BizPricer® version 4 Business Valuation Software $199.95 publisher-direct priced at $179.95 plus your choice of shipping and handling. (Your CD and download will include a copy of both the BizPricer Wizard and BizPricer Excel software). Our 2016 BizPricer version is now available and for those who purchase immediately you may buy this highly rated software for only $149.95! (Please note that this is a limited time offer that may be withdrawn at any time.)


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