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Book: Strategies for Successfully Buying or Selling a Business

Expanded New Second Edition!



Russell L. Brown

catalog #B102

224 pages, softcover, 8.5" x 11"

Newest 2nd Edition

  • Recommended by Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine to their over ONE MILLION subscribers! Easy to read and simple to understand.

  • This book has been sold in over 50 different foreign countries! A true testament to its universal appeal and solid business principles. More than 18,000 copies sold!

  • "Strategies for Successfully Buying or Selling a Business" was selected as the Best Business Book of the Year by the North American Bookdealers Exchange (NABE)

  • This book is an award winning "bookstore quality" publication that has not been created as an Internet-only information product. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Strategies for Successfully Buying or Selling a Business

This 224 page, 8.5"x11" book provides all of the basic practical information that small business buyers and business sellers need to efficiently find each other, negotiate, and successfully close the deal. It is written in an easy flowing first person narrative style that makes this complex subject easy for everyone to understand and apply in their own situation.

Buying or selling a business can be one of the three or four most important decisions of a lifetime. Yet, many people rush into this decision ill prepared and lacking crucial facts. This book provides the information that minimizes financial risk and reveals how the buyer or seller can get the upper hand when negotiating the purchase or sale of any business . . . Information that can literally spell the difference between success and failure for business buyers and sellers.

This book is a revealing publication that unlocks the strategies for success in buying or selling a business. These strategies are fully explained within the unique context of the fifteen "laws of the business buying and selling jungle." The book is written by a business broker who has successfully negotiated many business sales . . . and knows the field inside and out. The author provides the buyer or seller with an insider's grasp of what they need to know in this dynamic business endeavor. One of the many features that makes this book unique is that it provides the buyer's as well as the seller's perspective. This can be an enormous advantage whichever position you happen to be in.

This authoritative book contains eight information packed chapters and includes nine appendices with all the example contracts and forms needed to consummate the sale. It also has an index and a full glossary of all the terms needed to have the edge you need as you deal with buyers, sellers, business brokers, attorneys, accountants, and bankers. The reader will learn the pros and cons of dealing with business brokers, how to evaluate the financial worth of a business, how to find sellers or buyers, how to position themselves to get the best possible advantage in negotiations, how to accomplish the all-important due diligence process, how to arrange seller financing, and how to successfully close the deal.

Every one of the pages in this book are crisply written in an orderly, step-by-step sequence. It's both educational and also entertaining to read. It takes the complexities out of the deal and gives you the working knowledge and facts you need to make all-important decisions. The author takes you behind closed doors where you will learn all the nuances and intricacies of structuring the deal. He also gives you access to dozens of tips, techniques and strategies known only to a handful of professionals who have made business brokering their career. When you have finished reading "Strategies for Successfully Buying or Selling a Business" you will know more about the subject than 99% of the average business people in America!

This book is a "bookstore quality" publication that has not been created as an Internet-only information product. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Special Features

  • A detailed treatment of the all-important due diligence process.
  • Contains a complete set of sample business transaction forms that a business buyer or seller can use with an attorney and accountant to save thousands of dollars in transaction fees.
  • Unique approach to accenting key points through the use of the fifteen "laws of the business buying and selling jungle."
  • Numerous references to print and Internet resources relating to the purchase and sale of a business.
  • Many handy checklists for buyers and sellers to use as they prepare for the sale of the business.
  • Real life anecdotes that relate complex business buying and selling issues to practical experience.
  • Extensive glossary of business terms and a complete index.

Review the full Table of Contents

What Some Readers Are Saying......

For more than five years on my radio talk show, I've been telling America that NO ONE, professional or rank amateur, should even think about buying or selling a business without reading this book. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, this book is as close as I've found to a one-stop-resource that's written in plain common sense English. Great job, Russ.
Jim Blasingame, Creator and host of the nationally syndicated talk show, The Small Business Advocate
and author of the books "Small Business Is Like A Bunch Of Bananas" and "Three Minutes to Success."

"If you're on either side of the fence, whether buying or selling, you'll find a wealth of information here to keep you on track. This is a well written and produced book from someone who really knows the score!"
Mr. S. Caverly, Marketing Specialist, Wilkes Barre, PA

"This book is very easy to read with its logical sequence and entertaining anecdotes. It's a valuable resource for both buyers and sellers of small businesses with its tips, strategies, and techniques that give the layman an insight into the professional's approach."
Mr. E. Gottesman, Mergers and Acquisitions, The Gottesman Co. New York, NY

"This book thoroughly and masterfully covers all of the bases in the very complicated world of business buying and selling in a way that's not only informative, but it's actually enjoyable to read!"
Ms. Linda J. Adams, Financial Advisor, Springfield, MA

"This book put together all of the information I needed to find, evaluate, negotiate, and buy my business. I thoroughly appreciated your writing style and I extensively used the advice in your book to help me in my purchase of an existing business."
Mr. Frank Days, Business Buyer, Waterford, CT

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