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(Encarta Dictionary - the word "kudo" means: praise, credit or glory for an achievement)

We have been very fortunate to have heard from many happy customers over the years who have expressed their unsolicited praise (kudos) for our books, software and customer service. Some of these comments, in no particular order, are reprinted below:

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Thanks for all your hard work over the years educating people about our industry. I often refer potential business purchasers to your site to find a book or article to help them along in their search. Makes my job a lot easier! Thanks again for your efforts on behalf of the industry.
Sam Cantor - President, Sam Cantor & Company (Business Brokerage) Memphis, Tennessee

For more than ten years on my radio talk show, I've been telling America that no one, professional or rank amateur, should even think about buying or selling a business without first reading Strategies for Successfully Buying or Selling a Business and using BizPricer Business Valuation Software. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, this book and software are as close as I've found to a one-stop-resource that's written in basic common sense English and delivers everything as promised.
Jim Blasingame - Creator and host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show, The Small Business Advocate. - Florence, Alabama

This is the easiest to use valuation software I have seen in my 25 years of involvement in business valuations for my clients.
Richard B., Attorney, Houston, Texas

Last year I purchased your product, "BizPricer" Business Valuation Software and couldn't be more pleased. It's an excellent product, easy to use and very straightforward. Do you also have….
Joe R. – Fairbanks , Alaska

Thank you for answering my questions and for your advice. I would also like to complement you on your business, products and service. I have two of your books, Preparing Your Business For Sale, and Strategies for Successfully Buying or Selling a Business and your BizPricer software. They are great products. Buying them was one of my best investments. I intend to use your advice to offer a longer-term mortgage with a 5-year balloon payment. What a great idea! Thank you very much.
Don R. – Middletown , New Jersey

Thank you so much for your very timely response to my question. I found your software and instructions informative and easy to use.
Rob H. – Silverthorne , Colorado

Juste a note to let you know how impressed I am with your company's service. I was floored at how fast my order arrived and how BizPricer lived up to all of my expectations!
Alyson C., Allen Park, M
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I really appreciate your great customer support.  I also find the software very user friendly (W version) and the information generated has helped us make better decisions. Best Regards, 
Mitch W. - Houston, Texas

Thought you might like to hear a follow-up on the use of your BizPricer software program. I used the program to create two scenarios, one to run the seller's run rate for expenses against three years of audited financials and one for my expected expenses against the actuals. This left me with 2 models. My expenses were quite a bit higher than the sellers current run-rate, due primarily to my income expectations and needs versus his. During our negotiations I used the two models to show how I could vary the value of the business based upon changes in assumptions. In the end I was able to reach agreement with the seller on a price that was $100K lower than his asking price! I could not have achieved this without the excellent modeling capabilities of your program. Everything was logical and difficult to refute. The seller was very impressed with simplicity of the analysis. The program saved me hours, if not days, of back and forth negotiations and quibbling over details. Thanks for making this available at such a terrific price. If you ever make it out this way you are invited to visit me in Montana for a guided fly-fishing trip!
Jim R. - Missoula , Montana

To whom it may concern: Business Book Press responded within 2 business hours to resolve my issue. Great customer service!
Steve P. – San Jose , California

I have been using the BizPricerW program for a few weeks and have had great success with it. Keep up the good work and again, thanks for offering this program for us!
Bill D. – Tucson, Arizona

That was the fastest customer service I have ever received! Thank you.
Marc R. - Taos, New Mexico

I am currently using your program to do a business valuation for my own business. The program is a great asset in getting a feel for what it might sell for.
Manfred A. – Irvine , California

Thanks a lot for your help. Your product is great!!
Bill G. – Madison , Indiana

Thank you for taking the time last week to speak with me about both BizPricer and acquisition/valuation work in general. I received your software shipment in a very timely manner and have installed it quite easily. The program should certainly speed up the paperwork as well as provide a good working model for insertion into my company profiles.
Joe B. – Youngstown , Ohio

I received the download as promised. Thank you very much. I appreciate your help. Happy New Year!  
Valerie S. – East Lansing , Michigan

Thanks for the recent reply to one of my questions. It is always reassuring to know that there is a live person who is behind the scenes supporting the software and the customers.
William D. – Tucson , Arizona

Many thanks for your prompt response! Incidentally, before noticing your message in my Inbox I had called today to leave another message. My apologies. Your service is excellent. I’m looking forward to receiving my package.
Gary R. – Salem , Oregon

Hi! Really like your program, and I have a couple questions. I bought the downloaded version. First, is there a way to transfer my desktop version to my laptop when I travel. Also, I think I would also like to try the Excel version, is there a way to try it out?
Greg Z. - Kihei, Hawaii

We are in receipt of your software as we requested. Please accept our sincere thanks for the courtesy extended to our company by you and your organization.
Bob M – Dallas , Texas

Thank you. I received the BizPricer Excel version and appreciate your help. I want you to know I like your software. I am currently evaluating a business and thanks to your software I can back up my proposal.
Mike S. – Nashville , Tennessee

Thank you so much for the prompt resolution of my question and for the forms. You have a loyal customer and a reader of your work for life.
Chait V. – Eulis , Texas

Thank you for your advice and comments regarding my recent questions. Your book and BizPricer Wizard software have educated us on how to value our Jewelry business and we greatly appreciate them and your comments.
Donald R. – Middletown , New Jersey

I bought the BizPricer software from you a few months ago. First time I used it I listed and sold a business and am now working on another listing. First seller was very impressed with the presentation. I even had him sit in front of the lap top and rate his business on the multiplier calculator. We then applied his multiplier and my multiplier to the cash flow and took a long look at it. His comment, based on his multiplier, was "I wouldn't pay that kind of money for my business". We then listed it with the BizPricer multiplier and I sold it to the first buyer we spoke to!!
Michael A. – Nantucket , Massachusetts

I am more than satisfied with the Bizpricer software as it has proved most helpful to me.
Jesse J. – Oceanside , California

I would like to thank you for the BizPricer software and I'm very happy with it.
Steven R. – Fort Worth , Texas

I ordered and received a copy of the Bizpricer package. First of all, this software has helped me a great deal and it’s the best investment I have made in a long, long time.
Vahid N. – Santa Ana , California

THANK YOU for your help selecting BizPricer Excel. I will purchase other products from you as the need arises, because of your helpfulness.
Del L. – Cobden , Ontario , Canada

I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed visiting your site. I'm an Enrolled Agent in California . When I need info on buying or selling a business your site will be the first I'll go to for materials, and perhaps the software. This is not an area I normally deal in, but as a businessman myself, I really appreciate what you have put together. Thanks for your fine work.
Tom S. – Los Angeles , California

Got the disk, successful load and about back to where I was on my projects before my computer crash... thanks for your help... I'll recommend your company for its SERVICE AFTER THE SALE !  Thanks again!
Cathy H. – Franconia , New Hampshire

And I wanted to say, “Making a Small Business Purchase Offer” is a really good book!
Michelle B. – Del Ray Beach, Florida

Unfortunately, I am going to have to invoke your "The Dog Ate It" guarantee. Although it wasn't actually a dog, but a failed hard drive - it had the same effect, however. I purchased the  BizPricerW˙  earlier last year (download) and have been very pleased with it. I also purchased several books and luckily, they are still intact. I have several clients that are awaiting an appraisal, so if you can send me another copy or give me instructions for another download, I would greatly appreciate it.
Ray G. – Castle Rock, Colorado

We recently purchased the BizPricer business valuation software and have been very pleased with its results. This product allows us to easily determine the sale price of a prospective client’s business based on historical financial information and uniquely determine the multiplier.
Sean H. – Twinsburg , Ohio

Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the "over and above" customer service I received from your company.  I received the biz pricer CD yesterday with absolutely no problems.

Thank you again for the quick turnaround and your consistent willingness to help.  You have my business for life!
Sonya Gregory-Hayes
LNJ Business Brokers, Inc.
P.S.  If you'd like to use this thank you as a testimonial feel free to do so:)

I purchased my second copy of the BizPricer sometime last year after the first copy was destroyed in Hurricane Jeanne. When I had my first copy, I believe the password for unlocking was indeed password but it may have changed. I don't have an immediate use for unlocking, but since I do occasional consulting, I would like to have that freedom. Thank you very much. By the way, it is an excellent, easy-to-use program - especially for such a oftentimes difficult subject.
John S. - Melbourne, Florida

Thank you for existing.  What a great find your software was for me.  In only about 5 hours (first time use) I had a complete report ready to issue.
Paul I - Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

We purchased BizPricer this week and are very happy with the product.  We were wondering if the future loan payment of the buyer should be figured in when valuating the business.  There was not a space for this on the spreadsheet. If you could explain that to us it would be greatly appreciated.
James L. - Northbrook. Illinois

Dear Bookpress team. I have Bizpricer back on my system. Best thanks for your prompt handling. Kind regards.
Leonardo S. - Zug, Switzerland

We would seek the password to add -on a greater depth of use, for example schedule of hours worked by owners and employees, culture audit of behaviors and some appropriate tax requirements appropriate to Australian Tax Law. We are very satisfy and encouraged by the products performance to the point where we would like to value -add hence the email. Thanking you on this matter.
Mark N. - East Sydney, Australia

I received the CD, and it worked fine, thank you.  Regardless of not having a spell-checker, I am very pleased with the program, does a great job.
Tony H. - St. Helens, England

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a really awesome software product. I got it loaded onto my new computer tonight and have completed a preliminary valuation of a business I am looking into. This software is extremely easy to use, customizable and intuitive. I will use this software over and over again in the future. I would also like to commend your customer service. I will be looking into your other products. If they are anything like bizpricer, you have a customer for life.
Bill Schwertfager - Tucson, Arizona

I listed my company with a broker before reading your book. I really got burned. They charged me a $8000 listing fee and told me my company way worth at least $400,000 more than it was. 90% of sales was their rule of thumb for retail feed store. I read your book and when the listing ran out, turned my listing over to a VR office in my area. These guys are first class and follow all your good practices. I just wish I had read the book first and not been out the big upfront fees with the first guys. Live and learn.
Warren B. - San Antonio, Texas

I'm a proud owner of first BizPricer and now version 2.0 on my desktop in my home office.  I've just done a complex valuation of my business that I'm trying to sell.  I'd now like to put a version of 2.0 on my laptop so that I can bring it up during detailed discussions with possible buyers to show them the details of the tool and what is behind the valuation.
Michael V. - Fort Myers Beach, Florida 

Thanks so much for you assistance yesterday. I was at wits end and you came through. Again, thanks so much.
Charles W. - Columbia State, Maryland

Thanks very much.  I appreciate your assistance. Incidentally, I used the "E" version, and my client was quite favorably impressed with the resulting report.  I look forward to using it in other situations.
Bob, M. - Arlington, Virginia

I just want to thank you for producing and selling BizPricer. I own and operate a small business. I am a do it yourself type of person.  Some time ago I needed to value my business and was shocked to be quoted rates of $5,000 and up by the 'professional' analysists. I decided to see if I could do it myself. 

I searched the web and quickly found BizPricer! I figured I would give it a try. Was I surprised when I opened the software and started to follow your well done detailed instructions ! In 3 days the full professional valuation was completed and printed. The first day I analyzed our previous 3 years' profit and loss statements, prepared the adjustments, and on the following day just breezed through BIzPricer. You put at my fingertips all the tools I needed. Your cash flow approach and capitalization rate are realistic and sensible. All this for such a reasonable price! 

Again, I just wanted to say to you THANK YOU and congratulations, especially to the brains behind this software.
Edward W. – Alpharetta , Georgia

Your product is terrific and just what I was looking for. I have been able to construct an honest sale price for my business in an afternoon. Hats off to the Chef !!
Brooke A. - West Hartford, Connecticut

I'm a happy long-time user of BizPricer, and continue to find it the most appropriate tool to guide sellers prior to listing a business for sale.
Gary R. - Salem, Oregon

I have been working with your software at the university and have recently purchased a copy for myself. Thanks, it’s a great product!
Keith O. - SBDC Regional Director

Thanks a million and much appreciated your swift reply regarding BizPricer functionality. Excellent explanation easy to understand.
Hartmuth L. - Vietnam

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